Akos is a true artisan. Artisan of the kind you envy for his endless creativity, hunger for adventure and perfectionism. He has always been mesmerized by the engaging vibes of antiquity; until this passion led him to study interior design at Lancaster University. At this point there was no question what future lies ahead of him. After years of studying design and art, travelling through Europe he returned to his roots in Hungary and founded Arteria Industrial. At the beginning he focused on the undiscovered treasures which surrounded him in his hometown – for his own surprise there were plenty. This feeling made him think; how many story is yet to be discovered in the industrial history?

He started to dig, seek, find and collect until his workshop became a unique collection of rarities, a true chapel of nostalgia. But Akos’ sanctuary is not only an exciting place for people who appreciate treasures and stories from the 20th century. It is a pleasant place to have a chat over a nice cup of coffee, a permanent location for design events, artisan workshops, and a meeting point for motorcycle lovers and friends.

His workshop in Pécs, were given many kinds of characterization which all reflects his vision. His vision of salvage. Like on an archaeological excavation; while exploring he relives the past and through his objects he tries to share his uplifting journey with the people surrounding him.